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40 Greatest Insect Macro Photographs!

Feb 1st 2009

Today Zhoogs Top Lists presents you a fine selection of the most beautiful macro photography. I’ve honed it down to only insects (and yes, I know there are spiders here too) as the list would otherwise become too long. Also, photographing insects is a pretty difficult job, as the buggers just won’t sit still. The following artists managed to frame them in an incredible way though!
Below you’ll find a listing of the most talented macro artists and a small selection of their work. Be sure to check out the artists websites (each photo is a link).

I hope you enjoy this one again!

Leon Baas

Leon is an enthusiastic macro photographer and has developed his own special style. He has been featured on many photography websites and in the Dutch magazine Focus. He has also showed off his work in the Canon Headquarters in the Netherlands.
Spider on Flower, by Leon Baas

Ant on Water, by Leon Baas

Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz is a very talented macro photographer. He is often able to pose his subjects in a very pleasing way. His use of colours and posure give us a fabulous view of the small aliens right in our neighbourhood.
Catapillar, by Igor Siwanowicz

Moth, by Igor Siwanowicz

Ugly Spider, by Igor Siwanowicz

Pawel Bieniewski

Another selection; this time from the great macro portfolio of Pawel Bieniewski from Poland. He manages to capture his little critters in stunning poses and frames them perfectly.
Caterpillar Close-up, by Pawel Bieniewski

Little Bug, by Pawel Bieniewski

Robert Seber

Apart form being an amazing macro photographer Robert Seber tries to take photos of lots of different subject and experiments with many different styles. He aims to be creativity through understanding technical photography.
Dragon Fly, by Robert Seber

Last Bee of Season, by Robert Seber

Jack Houston

Jack Houston, based in the United Kingdom uses a Conon EOS 40D to capture these stunning macro images. Be sure to check out more of his work on his public profile page.
Wasp, by William Houston

Fly, by William Houston

Cyrus Khamak

Cyrus is a very divers photographer, not only specialised in macro photography. He runs a website with many great tips and tutorials and a forum on MegaShot.net.Metallic Bee, by Cyrus Khamak

Mega Bee, by Cyrus Khamak

Martin Amm

Martin Amm shows off some of his very impressive macro photography on his personal profile page at Deviantart. Check it out!
Spider, by Martin Amm

Dragonfly, by Martin Amm

Macro Insect, by Martin Amm

Chan Chen

Only in spring of 2007 did Chan pick up digital photography. It’s amazing how quick he became good at it and has, since then, produced some fabulous macro photography.
Caterpillar, by Chan Chen

Ladybug, by Chan Chen

Saleem Khawar

Mr. Khawar has had over 18 years of experience in photography. He has won many awards and his work has been used in many publications. The following butterflies are from his awesome collection.
Butterfly, by Saleem Khawar

Butterfly, by Saleem Khawar

Brian Valentine

dr. Valentine is a retired PhD Microbiologist and has taken on macro photography in Decemebr 2004. Most of his shots are taken in his garden, illustrating how stunning close-ups can can be made anywhere (well.. he has never used insectacide!!).
Mosquito, by Brian Valentine

Fly, by Brain Valentine

Other Great Artists:

Red Caterpillar, by Andrius Stanevičius

Bee on White, by Ken boxsell

Fly Portrait, by Ali Rezaeeian

 Macro Bug, by Huber Andreas

Gras Hopper, by Christopher Schlaf

Butterfly Wing, by Tonje Thilesen

Purple Fly, by Christopher Badzioch

Mantis Beatle, by Vladimir Eskin

Fly, by Jody Melanson

Pellenes Tripunctatus, by Dariusz & Kornelia Kucharscy

 Head on Butterfly, by Alistair

Butterfly, by Stephan Amm

Spider and Fly, by Nele Goetz

Little Fly, by Mike Muizebelt

Catterpilar on Glass, by Daniel Llavaneras

Butterfly, by Diane D.

Hopper on Flower, by Hasan Yildirim

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11 Responses

  1. DaveCrills says:

    Very awesome selection. Again good job!

    Love them all!

  2. Pjotr says:

    Nice finds. Love the the ones by Igor (second artist). Going to check out his site!

  3. tlme says:


  4. James says:

    That guy with the Bee on white paper is incredible……….Until I checked out his work I never thought it possible.

  5. Jenny says:

    That bee
    OMG how the hell does he do that

  6. John Ellett says:

    Hi, these beautiful photos are some of many that have given me the incentive to have a go at this type of photography, I have recently bought the canon eos 450D CAMERA and hope to get a good Macro lens to suit which will help me start (with a lot of practice) to help me start albums of my own. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. These photos are so, so fantastic, and it is really a great art to take this kind of photos. To have such eyes to take this photos is a great present. I like all this photos very, very much :-)

    Best regards

  8. maggie says:

    The view of the bugs world is so interesting. The photographers let us see things we normally would never know. Cyrus Khamak has some information on how to accomplish these macro photos in the content on the from page of the Macro Community Here on Megashot.net

    Thanks for visiting.

  9. [...] Pictures ( insects ) or visit on Greatest Insect [...]

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