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Most Photorealistic Vector Art

Jan 13th 2009

A selection of the most photorealistic vector drawings you can find. Eventhough most images here look like photographs they have all been made by using vector software, like Illustrator.

Of course photo-reference material has been used, but all lines have been drawn by hand and colored by hand. The advantage of vectors above photographs is that these images could be blown up to monster scales, whilst the lines still stay sharp. The creation of these photorealistic vector drawing is a true art and many many hours of tedious work has been put in every single image here. Because many of you will not believe this is all vector art, I’ve blended in the vector lines in all images as to convince you otherwise. Please visit the artisits website, by clicking on the image, for more stunning work.


Angel, by I-Evermind

Fruits, by Arabezier

Spring Flowers, by Oleg Rogoznev

Photorealistic Hotrod, by Aaron Anderson

Rawlings, by Highside

Car Detail, by Real Trace

Wine Glass

Losha, by Arabezier

Juice Glass, by Eby-Paidrick

Nagra Recorder, by Yukio Miyamoto

Onions, by Real Trace

Francisco, by I-Evermind

Horn Detail, by Yukio Miyamoto

Grapes, by Dahmane Redhouane

Red Dress, by Henke Svensson

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6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Truly amazing stuff!
    If you wouldn’t have proved it with the mesh I wouldn’t have believed it.
    Love the texture on # 4, the baseball glove.

    Keep ehm comming.

  2. Pstanfa says:

    Why would people go through all this trouble to create an image that can be made with one click on a camera.

    BTW that one with the red and white grapes does not have a mesh… Is it fake?

  3. E. Serrano says:

    A vector can be scaled with no distortion or pixelation. All these vectors are great for printing purposes, because they will have perfect printing resolution.

    You know, these vectors could even be used to create an advertisement as big as a building. But the source file would be a lightweight and easy to modify vector.

    Of course, a photorealistic vector is not just a work of tracing an existing image. A good illustrator would correct colors and remove imperfections while creating the vectorial result.

  4. pro photo says:

    What a wast of time..
    - studio artist, graphic designer

  5. dahmane says:

    I am very happy to see my illustrations published here
    i illustred the grap (#14)
    illustrate is a art and a challenge.

  6. Eric Cartman says:

    The only reason I am posting here is because I am drunk am in a rather heated debate with a graphic designer friend of mine about the value of photo realistic vector renderings. For the sake of internet posterity, on the likely chance that someone in a similar situation will do a similar google search I will leave you with my opinion.

    To E. Serrano… STFU… I often print large scale, wall sized images and for the sake of the speed and memory of the plotters at the printing company we use I typically submit all files at 100 dpi… The beauty of large scale printing is that you can print at low rez and still have wonderful results because NO ONE gives a sht if your billboard size image is printed at a high resolution.

    This type of work is worthless… as noted here any of these images could just as easily be substituted with a photo. The fact that each of these images is in fact traced directly from a photo makes this point even more valid.

    If any of these were, lets say, a life study… if the image of the woman with her feet in the air was actually done with only a model for reference then it would be a truly amazing piece of art… the fact that the artist simply imported a photo into Illustrator and traced it, while impressive as a test of persistence and skill, renders the image useless, unnecessary and worthless.

    The artist showcased here need to, as cliché as it is, get a life.

    I’m going to bed now before these misquotes eat me alive. Fuk Illustrator.

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