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50 of the most Stunning 3d Renders

Jan 23rd 2009

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been selecting these 3D renders from all over the internet. I personally think this turned out to be quite a nice selection. If you think so too, please digg this!

Lewis Hamilton 2007
Scene was modeled in 3D studio MAX 08. Also MudBox was used to create a map for Hamilton’s race suit. The entire scene was rendered in VRay and finally, Photoshop was used for texturing and some touch ups.

Mustang Bertaccini
A stunning render of a Ford Mustang. Awesome detail!

Land Rover Defender
This Land Rover Defender was made for a client. Originally it was a lowPoly 3D model. Gradually, the rough parts were replaced and more and more details were added to make this final render.

Shark, by Bertaccini
This shark was modelled with ´Edit Poly´ in 3ds Max. It started of as a simple box and was sculpt and shaped using book illustrations as aguide.

Andrew Steam Plane

Salad Head

Ring City



Framebox Bumblebee
The bumblebee character was designed in Zbrush and a first composition  was rendered in 3D Studio Max. Fur was rendered seperately and the entire image was retouched in photoshop.

Ocular Production
Ocular Production is a 3D visualisation firm specialised in creating photorealistic 3D renders of architectural marvels.

Cg Painting
A 3D render of how Vadim Valiullin sees the future of painting. Note the screen in the top right.

 the Elixer
A unique piece made by Peter Hofman in Cinema 4D.

Yellow Dog  

Simple Life
One of the beautiful still life renders of Herner Quintero.

Old Jeep
A very realistic render of an old Jeep Wrangler model. This image was modelled in 3DS Max and rendered using Mental Ray.

Realistic Flash 1
A terribly realistic render done by the talented Benjamin Brosdau. He used  3dS max 7 and the alpha version of next limit`s maxwell render. Render times were about 3 to 4 hours to get the special flash light-photography style. Noise reduction was done with Neat image software.

Realistic Flash 2
And another by Benjamin Brosdau.

Legrenzi Studio
A stunning render of a bathroom done by Francesco Legrenzi in 3DS Max, Vray and retouched in Photoshop.

Concept Camera
A camera design for competition. This awesome image was rendered using 3ds Max 2009 and finalized with Photoshop CS.

Sunset Door
Texturing this image was the hardest part. It was modelled in 3DS Max and rendered in Vray.


Street View

Little Green

Trapped Parot
Modeling of this fantatic looking parot was done in Maya, while rendering was done in MentalRay. A HDRI Probe and two lights were used for the lighting.

the Last Journey

Self Illumination

The following three images are by the extremely talented Axel Ritter from Germany. He uses mainly Cinema 4D and these images just keep amazing me.
Aspidium Filix



Composition 3

the Last Move

Eventhough this image, by Bulgarov, isn’t textured yet it already looks amazing. This is a ZBrush shot.

Open Green



Neil MacCormack works mainly in Lightroom LightWave and has rendered the next two futuristic images. Enjoy!
Future Station


Somewhere in the Sky

Nobody is Lucky

It’s so difficult to get humans right, but Stephen Molyneaux sure managed to make Bernadette here as realistic as imaginable. This isn’t a photograph, but a render in 3DS Max and Zbrush.

Car Crash
There are more angles of this crash on Den Fox’s site.

City Limits

Monster Truck

the Special One

Nails Revenge

Apricus Acini




Arachnid Robot


40 Greatest Insect Macro Photographs


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69 Responses

  1. SteveB says:

    Great selection. Thanks for this!

  2. 123snoop says:

    I can’t believe how much effort has been put in the detail of several of these renders.

  3. Yaydaddy says:

    Nice posting.

    Must haven taken some time to get this together!

  4. togood2b says:

    Very COOL indeed!

  5. Great collection. Thanks for taking the time to put them together! There a quite a few that I hadn’t seen before.

    Keep it up!

  6. REDVERTEX says:

    It’s nice to have it in an “GOLD” collection :)
    You can make it 100’s. It sounds with more respect :)

  7. 3dfirstaid says:

    Great selection. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  8. 3dfirstaid says:

    Great collection. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  9. KeijzerT says:

    Awesome!! I love the organic green looking ones by Axel Ritter..

    I love them all!

  10. DaveCrills says:

    Thanks for this. Good picks.
    Seen some but the mayority are new to me.

  11. admin says:


    Thanks all for the support. Nice to see my time well spent. For my just-starting blog visitor numbers have been overwhelming. Mainly thanks to being features on the main pages of:

    This will certainly motivate me to keep posting.

    Also, any suggestions of impressive 3D art are welcome. I may just expand this list.

    Thanks again,


  12. Senrikyu says:

    Great, amazing images. Thank you for taking the time to post this. By the way, it should be 50 great “renderings” and not “renders.” Renders is a verb.

  13. freddie says:

    Does it bother you that you havn’t asked any of the artists permission to do this? I agree that this could drive more traffic to them but most artists will not say that they are happy about their art be taken and posted without their knowledge.

  14. admin says:

    Freddie, thanks for your concern and I too was weary of doing this for that reason.
    I just hope that by linking to the artists this will be okay. I do follow my stats and whenever I notice a visitor from a site linked here I check to whether they are fine with their inclusion in this list.

    Some artist have discovered their art being posted here and have blogged about it themselves: http://siquier.blogspot.com/, http://bearfootfilms.com/, http://gcallahan.com/

    Whenever an artist feels offended by this, please let me know and I will immediately remove their art from the list, while maintaining a text link.

  15. Siquier says:

    Yes, I think that to be in a list of the “best whatever” cannot bother anybody, anyway that´s ok for me.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Yes Ive seen the majority of these on cg talk, I specially like Marek Denko’s work. The 3rd and forth images from the bottom. Has to be my favourite cg artist. Nice collection thanks.

  17. JeGX says:

    Great work!
    Bernadette looks so real…
    Thanks for this post ;)

  18. [...] (made with 3DStudio MAX, Zbrush, Cinema4D and other famous tools) you can find over the internet: 50 of the most Stunning 3d Renders. This is a nice selection and the author has done a great [...]

  19. Commenter says:

    “Neil MacCormack works mainly in Lightroom…”

    Perhaps you meant LightWave?

  20. Carlos says:

    Really cool stuff.

  21. Timothy says:

    Really great list! I could swear some of these are real (but I know they are rendered). Amazing

  22. Hey! Thank you very very much for choosing a rendering from me for this great selection! Best regards,

    André Kutscherauer


  23. [...] 50 of the most Stunning 3d Renders (tags: 3d inspiration) [...]

  24. Laugt says:

    Madre mia algunos son apenas diferenciables de la realidad

  25. Ballo says:

    Thank you! to take my render between a lot good artist.

  26. admin says:

    No problem Ballo, you work deserves to be shown off!

  27. Angel says:

    wow!!! some of this photos are awesome.

  28. admin says:

    Angel, note, their not photos. PURE art….

  29. Mario Paz says:

    Amazing Work. Only the ones that are not real things I can say they are renders but just because I know that doesnt exists. But the overall, amazing!, the could go in a photographic contest and win it withouth anybody noticing they are renders!…

  30. Mario Paz says:

    Amazing Work. Only the ones that are not real things I can say they are renders but just because I know that doesnt exists. But the overall, amazing!, the could go in a photographic contest and win it withouth anybody noticing they are renders!…


  31. arcada6am says:

    Realmente emocionante, vale, un puñado de horas que han pasado delante del ordenador, pero el realismo es increible!
    4 hurras por esta gente, si señor.

  32. Thanks for including two of my works!


  33. Sarrazin says:

    Incredible, amazing , waaaaww

  34. admin says:

    Massimo, I’m glad your pleased with your inclusion here. Some awesome animal renders on your site!!

  35. Lariza says:

    Pues si efectivamente hay mucho realizmo en estas imagenes yo estava pensando en estudiar diseñor digital i creo que esto es hermoso la verdad vale la pena asi que lo del diseño digital sigue =) y no mw queda mas que decir grax por esto que la verdad esta de worales ¡¡

  36. Markezuno says:

    es increible lo que se puede llegar ha hacer ya… las fotos son curiosas divertidas y la mayoria preciosas, xo donde este lo realmente humano… que se quite lo demas

  37. adh2 says:

    wow! cool pictures….

  38. Carlos says:

    Woooow! such an honor to be featured in this great list and along with a lot of artists i admire. Thanks!! great site, keep it up :) !!

  39. [...] real! Es handelt sich hierbei um ein 3D Rendering von Jose Maria Lazaro. Dieses Rendering und 49 weitere ähnliche gute sind auf zhoog.com zu finden. Neben Top Renderings finden sich dort auch noch einige [...]

  40. MUSTERNAME says:

    WOWOW, no comment, the best renderings…

  41. mr.bob says:

    thease renderings are absolutly fabulose 

  42. Nitza says:

    wow!! estan geniales!!! algunas mas realistas que otras, pero todas GENIALES!!!

  43. Fabian Kempe says:

    I am totally amazed… this page just made me inspiered to start my 3D work again.. 2004 was last time.. i will start again.. RIGHT NOW!


  44. que envidia, pero bueno es fascinante hasta donde pùede llegar la imaginacion del
    ser humano son muy buenas las fotografias, la vcerdad que soy diseñador grafico, pero no me considero tan profesional como ellos.

  45. xavier says:

    nice selection - missing some well known stuff though.
    this piece that is show for discovery channel is my opinion one of the most photorealistic amazing renders. and its not just still image.


  46. Zboada says:

    Brutal !!

  47. knosillo says:

    Impresionante….que pedazo de renders eso es calidad se nota que te lo has currrado mucho sigue asi

  48. Sergi007 says:

    Exelelente! Felicitaciónes / Congratulations.

  49. Dora Valverde says:

    Woaw!!!! I’m in shock. Really amazing your work, Congratulations for it. My best wishes!!!

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