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50 of the most Stunning 3d Renders

Jan 23rd 2009

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been selecting these 3D renders from all over the internet. I personally think this turned out to be quite a nice selection. If you think so too, please digg this!

Lewis Hamilton 2007
Scene was modeled in 3D studio MAX 08. Also MudBox was used to create a map for Hamilton’s race suit. The entire scene was rendered in VRay and finally, Photoshop was used for texturing and some touch ups.

Mustang Bertaccini
A stunning render of a Ford Mustang. Awesome detail!

Land Rover Defender
This Land Rover Defender was made for a client. Originally it was a lowPoly 3D model. Gradually, the rough parts were replaced and more and more details were added to make this final render.

Shark, by Bertaccini
This shark was modelled with ´Edit Poly´ in 3ds Max. It started of as a simple box and was sculpt and shaped using book illustrations as aguide.

Andrew Steam Plane

Salad Head

Ring City



Framebox Bumblebee
The bumblebee character was designed in Zbrush and a first composition  was rendered in 3D Studio Max. Fur was rendered seperately and the entire image was retouched in photoshop.

Ocular Production
Ocular Production is a 3D visualisation firm specialised in creating photorealistic 3D renders of architectural marvels.

Cg Painting
A 3D render of how Vadim Valiullin sees the future of painting. Note the screen in the top right.

 the Elixer
A unique piece made by Peter Hofman in Cinema 4D.

Yellow Dog  

Simple Life
One of the beautiful still life renders of Herner Quintero.

Old Jeep
A very realistic render of an old Jeep Wrangler model. This image was modelled in 3DS Max and rendered using Mental Ray.

Realistic Flash 1
A terribly realistic render done by the talented Benjamin Brosdau. He used  3dS max 7 and the alpha version of next limit`s maxwell render. Render times were about 3 to 4 hours to get the special flash light-photography style. Noise reduction was done with Neat image software.

Realistic Flash 2
And another by Benjamin Brosdau.

Legrenzi Studio
A stunning render of a bathroom done by Francesco Legrenzi in 3DS Max, Vray and retouched in Photoshop.

Concept Camera
A camera design for competition. This awesome image was rendered using 3ds Max 2009 and finalized with Photoshop CS.

Sunset Door
Texturing this image was the hardest part. It was modelled in 3DS Max and rendered in Vray.


Street View

Little Green

Trapped Parot
Modeling of this fantatic looking parot was done in Maya, while rendering was done in MentalRay. A HDRI Probe and two lights were used for the lighting.

the Last Journey

Self Illumination

The following three images are by the extremely talented Axel Ritter from Germany. He uses mainly Cinema 4D and these images just keep amazing me.
Aspidium Filix



Composition 3

the Last Move

Eventhough this image, by Bulgarov, isn’t textured yet it already looks amazing. This is a ZBrush shot.

Open Green



Neil MacCormack works mainly in Lightroom LightWave and has rendered the next two futuristic images. Enjoy!
Future Station


Somewhere in the Sky

Nobody is Lucky

It’s so difficult to get humans right, but Stephen Molyneaux sure managed to make Bernadette here as realistic as imaginable. This isn’t a photograph, but a render in 3DS Max and Zbrush.

Car Crash
There are more angles of this crash on Den Fox’s site.

City Limits

Monster Truck

the Special One

Nails Revenge

Apricus Acini




Arachnid Robot


40 Greatest Insect Macro Photographs


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69 Responses

  1. Priya says:

    Nice .. awesome work…

  2. [...] tal si agrego a estos recomendados unos 50 renders en 3D con una calidad [...]

  3. vikas nagolkar says:

    Art is an illusion that an artist produce by showing us such a great photorealistic rendering.

  4. darsa says:

    now that’s cooooooool

  5. erick says:

    Pues estan excelentes…..espero algun dia no muy lejano hacer cosas asi

  6. losos says:

    omg, awesome, incredible, BEST work, i am amateur and i working in cinema 4D, but this ist incredible, i want too can working in 3D programs the BEST pictures :_(, i from slovakia, and one grafick from this 50 pictures too :) Hallo man, you are super grafick

  7. Ashish Maru says:

    Best work I have seen all of them awesome.

  8. Todo Arte says:


    Alucinado me he quedado al ver estas imágenes…
    Imágen renderizada

    ¿fotografías…?, ¡¡qué va!!… Renders, magia con el ordenador.

    Imágen renderizada

    ¿Y qué es un render?, tal y como reza en la wikipedia:

    En términos de vi…

  9. mat shaw says:

    defo some of the best work i have ever seen. the detail in all of these renders are amazing

  10. Sarankumar says:

    hi best work in models pls i have wrk in lighting & rendering pls forward the models

  11. [...] | 50 of the most Stunning 3d Renders Comparte esta [...]

  12. campanule says:

    Très belles images. Je suis seulement amateur et j’essaie d’apprendre à me servir des logiciels. Je cherche seulement des renders pour mon besoin personnel et faire des montages. Merci pour ces belles images.

  13. campanule says:

    Je vois que mon commentaire n’est pas tout à fait rédigé comme je l’avais écrit.

  14. [...] Aunque parezca mentira, todas las imágenes anteriores son renders 3d. Y es que con tiempo, paciencia, y muuucho manejor del tema, se pueden hacer cosas realmente impresionantes. Podéis ver más muestras en zhoog.com [...]

  15. huzz maiden says:

    wah …sak meniko gambare sae sanget…kapan nggih kulo saged nyusul lan ndhamel gambar kados mekaten……

  16. dfrf fgrwe says:

    Pama rata!!! sumet toluk!!!

  17. bharathi says:

    Wonderful works. I really love all of them….

  18. awksedgreep says:

    Especially enjoyed MacCormacks work in Lightroom, er Lightwave.

    LULz, who could possibly come up with a list like this and not know about Lightwave?


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